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Defacer's Behavior

Defacer's Behavior

Blog 20 Aug 2021
Many times, reasons of defacer's attack, are still unthinkable and unimaginable. But their conducts are traceable and acknowledgeable. This article explores defacer's common behaviours upon website defacement activities.

What Website Defacement is

Website defacement is similar to property vandalism. The difference would be just that the former happens online, unlike the latter. This is indicated by the changes of the website appearance; pictures and/or words are scrawled across the defaced website.

Reasons behind Website Defacement

There are various motives that might encourage a defacer to make such an attack. Some attackers who oppose the ruling government or a particular movement, they can tamper with the unsuspecting party's website to voice their opposing views. In different cases, attackers may simply do it to mock the site owner by discovering vulnerabilities in the website and exploiting them to take destructive action. For the above cases, the website owners suffer damages, especially with regard to their reputations.

Common Behaviors among Defacers

Marking the Targeted Websites with a 'Signature'

Just like real graffiti, defacers aim to leave a signature on the targeted websites. This is indicating their glorious accomplishment in attacking the websites. The form of the signature might vary, such as “hacked by”, “defaced by”, “owned by”, and many more.

Seeking Recognition from The Victims

Ultimately, defacers yearn to be recognized by others or become members of public or certain groups. They will leave their aliases, either as a full page defacement or a partial defacement, along with their contact addresses.

Distributing a Propaganda

Many times the motive behind a website defacement is to campaign propaganda regarding certain geopolitical issues. On the victim's website, a defacer may put his thoughts and ideas against particular governmental policies, wars, or even conflicts happening inside a country.

Provoking by Using Profanity

Last but not least, defacers usually use swearing and cursing in articulating their opinions. It is done to further provoke their targets.