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Hacked Website Impacts Business Performance

Hacked Website Impacts Business Performance

Blog 20 Aug 2021
Ignorance is not bliss. Ignoring digital security may lead organisations to harmful attacks. How to prevent those hacking? What can we do to improve our digital security?

There are companies, educations, governments, or religious institutions that get their website hacked because they are neglecting website security. This article urges us to stop being ignorant about our digital security.

The problem lies in the behavioural level of those organisations. Many of them neglecting their website security, weak passwords, not update their plugins, unpatched system, etc.

No wonder that cyberattacks posed huge issues to the abovementioned institutions, such as ransomware, compromised customer data, malware, spam, etc. Digital hacking by defacer (as we named the actor of this 'vandalism') is relatively common.

The latest type of cyberattack that becomes more popular is defacement. The unwanted change may happen on every page, but the homepage suffers the most. As we all know, the homepage of a website is equal to a human face. Defacement on the homepage shall reduce the organisation's brand and value over their users and customers. 

So, what tips shall we give for those organisations to protect their website?

We recommend a strategy to monitor the defacement in a frequent way. As SentryPage is able to capture any defacement every 5 minutes. This is equal to 12 times checking per hour. Even though the defacement still happens, the digital damages shall be found faster by us. SentryPage alerts us through email upon unwanted defacement is attacking.

This defacement monitoring tool helps us in protecting our institution's website. By removing a little bit of our ignorance on digital security.