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When Web Administrator Make Mistake

When Web Administrator Make Mistake

Blog 20 Aug 2021
A human mistake can happen to everyone and everywhere. In website case, the mistake may lead to website defacement. A website monitoring tool, such as SentryPage, shall help us in this issue.

Sometimes, when system/web administrator do troubleshooting in production environment, they need to loosen the system security first to ease the problem-solving process. This security loosening may cause the defacement of particular website.

The troubleshooting may be solved within a couple of minutes. But it may take days or even weeks to troubleshoot any issues. Since the troubleshooting must take time, whether long or short, we as web developer may forget what we have changed and doesn't put the configuration or security rule back properly like before.

In this state, of course, our system will become jeopardy and may provoke defacer to make defacement on our site. After our system was defaced, we realised that the hacker came from the hole that 'created' by us previously. So, that security loosening activity made our system becomes vulnerable.

We can treat this human error better with a set of procedure, policy, tools implementation, a package of written rule, etc. Even though the error still happens, we may treat it faster. By installing a type of website monitoring tools, such as SentryPage. The tool helps us find the defacement faster. With SentryPage, every defacement will alert us as soon as possible and push us to patch the vulnerable quickly.