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$ 44.00

as low as 0.88¢ /capture

Recommended to 1-2 webpages for simple landing page*



$ 73.00

as low as 0.73¢ /capture

Recommended to 3-4 webpages for small business website*



$ 146.00

as low as 0.59¢ /capture

Recommended to 5-8 webpages for medium-sized business website*



$ 218.00

as low as 0.44¢ /capture

Recommended to 8+ webpages for enterprise and government website*

*With the assumptions of capture interval is 10 minutes and using basic mode (2 credits per capture)

Available Capture Mode²


Capture Configuration

Capture Interval Interval time between one capture and another.

Up to 5 min
Up to 5 min

Version Retention The capture's results storing period.

Up to 3 months
Up to 3 months

HTTP Header Provide additional information on HTTP Header to let the webpage server acknowledge SentryPage service

Attack Signature Engine™

Detect most of the hackers commonly used words

Detect Profanities Identify bad or curse words.

Detect Hacker Signatures Identify commonly used words by hacker (e.g. hacked by).

Detect Informal/Irregular Words Recognize combination of letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g. H4ck3d By).

Multi-Languages Support Recognize up to 10 commonly used languages in the world.

External Resource Engine™

Detect any unidentified domains embedded on a webpage

Detect Unidentified Domain from External Resource Detect unidentified external resource domains on the website code.

Allowed Domain Whitelist from External Resource Maintain allowed external resource domains whitelist to prevent engine to send false alerts.

Advanced Features

Additional HTP Header Configuration (Per Registered Webpage)


Additional Allowed Domain Whitelist (Per Registered Webpage)


Credit (s) per Capture

2 Credits
3 Credits

Credits Simulation

Get an estimate of your credit spending and find out the most suitable package for your needs

Capture Interval
Webpage Quantity
Capture Mode

Monthly Credits Estimation

Capture Mode * Webpage Captures (per month) = 0 credit(s)

Need custom credit needs?


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the SentryPage credits works?
The concept is similar to credit on your phone. Credit will be used when SentryPage performs monitoring activities on the registered webpages. You must purchase a credit package to run the monitoring service.

How much credit will be deducted when the monitoring service is running?
Credit will be deducted according to the capture mode you choose. It also depends on your capture interval. The shorter the interval the more credits will be used.

Is there any validity period for my credit balance?
No, your remaining credit will be valid forever.

Can my credit balance be refunded?
No, you cannot convert your credit balance into cash.

What happens if my credit runs out during monitoring activities?
The monitoring service will be stopped and you have to top up the credit balance to continue the service.

  1. Credits is used to monitor your webpage on SentryPage, it will be tied to your registered tenant (organization level) when you register on SentryPage for the first time, not your individual account.
  2. You need to select a capture mode on each webpage you want to monitor. Each mode has features that you can choose according to your needs.

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